Well, I started doing research and found more information than I had bargained for. There was tons of scientific research proving sugar is terrible for me. I was confused at first... why don't I see more diet activists preaching SUGAR-FREE or why aren't more food companies creating sugar-free products with huge SUGAR FREE packaging? 

 I guess I just had to try it for myself.  ⟶ I went sugar free, threw away every granule of sugar in my apartment, went grocery shopping (fresh produce only ), meal prepped, ate perfectly for 6 days and then went through withdrawals. (dude. roughhh. ☹ )


Hi friends!

I'm Kiersten, founder of Suddenly Sugar Free! 

I went Sugar Free in November of 2015 after being called out for being a "sugar addict". Pfff "I'm not addicted to sugar, you're addicted to sugar." ( mature response, I know. )

I was completely caught off guard by withdrawals. ( What, the. F**K?! ) They suck. I can't sugar coat the process of quitting because ultimately, the feeling I had while going through withdrawals is what convinced me to stay sugar free FOR LIFE. 

I had a full blown drug addiction. This was no longer a healthy experiment, this was a life style change.  

So, welcome to my newest adventure, Suddenly Sugar Free where I want to congregate the best information out there needed to 1. get the facts about sugar and how it affects your brain/body 2. learn the steps to going sugar free 3. help with meal prepping (because it's crucial, in my opinion ) and 4. decide whether to stay sugar free or not.

I'm stoked to have this website up and running. Let's learn together and help create the Transparency-SUGAR-FREE-Whole-Food movement.  (hehe, aim big)