Step 1: 

Go through your pantry + fridge ---> Throw away all products containing any sugar. READ YOUR INGREDIENTS not the nutrition label. 

- Nutrition labels can be very deceiving and improperly record the amount of Sugar in a food product. **Hidden sugars are everywhere!**

Step 2:

Download this Grocery List below!

Step 3:

Go to the grocery store and buy the First Week's listed ingredients. We are going to meal prep these ingredients in the next step so they are readily available when the cravings for sugar hit. ( and they will! ) 

Step 4:

Meal Prep!! --->> This is actually my favorite part. ( I'm weird ) Chopping veggies is a form of calming therapy for me in my hectic life. 

I chop up all of my vegetables, make quinoa, bake and pull apart chicken and store everything in the fridge in beautiful, convenient containers from container store. ( linked below ) 

** I find that with beautiful containers and colorful chopped veggies, I enjoy opening my fridge ( sometimes I just stand with the door open staring and enjoying my healthy success. ** ) 

Step 5: 

You're prepared! --->> NO MORE SUGAR!!! --->>  RECIPES HERE!

Only eat from these prepped ingredients for the first week at least. It is important to completely cut out sugar, including fruit, your first week and a half so your body goes through a withdrawal. If done properly, you will experience the withdrawal, everyone does. The extent of your withdrawal will depend on how much sugar you are used to consuming and how well you are sticking to NO SUGAR. ( **mine lasted almost 10 days! Eeeek** ) 

With these ingredients you will be able to make many different breakfasts, To-Go lunches, and delicious quick dinners. ( Check out our Recipes + our Instagram for ideas )

Here is a Meal INSPIRATION List I've created in Google Docs. Get creative though! I encourage you to invent your own creations from the ingredients so you never feel limited by "recipes", but if you need a starting push read the link below! 

Please email me with any questions. This website is very much a work in progress and I'm trying to get more information up every day but sometimes it's easier if you just email me with specific questions. 

Good Luck amigos!