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An Australian Documentary called, "That Sugar Film"

Enter main character, Damon Gameau. He's witty, charming, creative, CUTE (in a helpless, clumsy puppy kind of way) and he's both the narrator and the lab rat of this film. Prior to making this movie, Damon gave up his unhealthy lifestyle of cigarettes and pizza to impress his girlfriend plus gave up refined sugar completely to put the cherry on top. ❤ Now fast forward 3 years  ▶▶▶  he's sugar-free and researching sugar. So, instead of studying sugar science through people who already eat it, he decides that the best way to truly understand sugar's effect on the body is by he himself adding it back into his diet! ( Ya. I said this documentary is cool... and I meant it!) 

If you're worried already...

1. You should be, this is very dangerous. (DO NOT try this at home! *please )

2. Don't be, Damon uses a team of doctors and nutritionists to track his progress and advise him on how to NOT KILL HIMSELF     (**spoiler alert!!! - he lives)

Damon's experiment (on himself) calls for him to add the average daily sugar intake of an Australian back into his diet; 40 teaspoons per day. But not from obvious sugary desserts and candy like cupcakes, gummy worms, cookies, etc. but from (perceived) "healthy" foods with HIDDEN sugars.  


Damon's team of doctors ran tons of studies to determine his health before going through with the experiment. ⬇ He's perfectly healthy, for now...

Guys, take a second to compare these two chart I've made. Pre and post experiment health data. The only change Damon made for this study was basically switching out his good fats (avocadoes and nuts) for hidden sugars in "healthy" foods. 


These results are SHOCKING. Only 60 days later, look at Damon's health problems...


By the end of 60 days, Damon has full blown Fatty Liver Disease and is at serious risk for heart disease, insulin resistance, and cirrhosis (liver failure). 

The CRAZIEST part of the whole experiment for me is that Damon ate the same (if not less) calories when he started eating sugar. This proves that all calories are not created equal. AT ALL!

So, if you've made it this far, 1. applause 2. keep going, the text ends here. ;) Next up, a movie about an Irish family's sugar intake that is actually quite shocking. 

Key Take Aways: 

  • When we parents go shopping, EVERYTHNG that we buy gets consumed by our children. Yes, (most) adults have the self control not to eat an entire sleeve of Oreos, but children are still learning these concepts of self control and moderation. 
  • If sugar is as addictive as the research shows, children don't even have a chance to learn self control before they are addicted to sugar. 

Speaking of the food our children are eating... this video below is an awesome Ted Talk by Jamie Oliver (celebrity chef) where he talks about the importance of teaching children about the different vegetables and fruits they are consuming.