What is meal prep & how do I do it?


When I quit sugar, there were a couple things that made life incredibly difficult...

1. Eating sugar free once I left the house -            ( I found myself snacking on craft services food sprawled out on a table out of their packages, so I had zero chance to read my labels )

2. My afternoon sugar cravings - ( withdrawal is that fringe friend that's not exactly looking out for your best interest whispering "YOLO" in your ear and next thing you know you're under your desk eating last year's Halloween candy )

enter, MEAL PREP

So, I started being "that girl" bringing her own lunch to work. At first I hated all the judgement coming my way when I put my healthy little chopped colorful rainbow salad in the fridge. I really assumed I would get hazed with mean notes or teased about being a bunny, but no, just some looks of disapproval. ( missed opportunity if your ask me ) So, I realized those looks of disapproval weren't really towards me, they were people disappointed in the fact that they couldn't be as organized in their life which creates the chain effect of no control over pizza for lunch then rationalizing that you'll be healthy for dinner, which is nearly impossible unless your spouse or whole family is on the diet with you. 

So, I bring my lunch and afternoon snacks - SITUATION UNDER CONTROL.



 Making your life easier by preparing ( washing, chopping, combining, or cooking ) ingredients ahead of time to make your meals quicker and easier to make in a hurry. 

Very helpful when quitting sugar!